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Some Problems With Sp3

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Hi, This is my first post at this forum and nice to meet you guys:)


1st, I have problem when drawing with stylus using palm rejection and connected to power adapter. Funcationality-wise, it is possible to draw, but there are always some drawing that does not get recognized. 


Another problem comes with the Reader's inability to draw highlight notes at the correct locations with some of the files. 


Lastly, there is no way to zoom in Chrome with OEM trackpad only. 


Thanks for you guys' replies. 


PSedit: I returned the previous sp3 and asked representatives and the problem persists. 

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    • scoobyx
      By scoobyx
      So I ran into something strange yesterday. I had to hop a long flight from Atlanta to CA. The evening before, I loaded a bunch of music (all MP3's that I have listened to before on multiple devices, including my WP7) onto the MicroSD card that I have inserted into my Surface RT tablet. I was surprised and disappointed at what happened next. I couldn't listen to my music! All the music is music I own, DRM free. The couple of albums I tried playing were all ripped from CDs I own.
      Basically, within the XBOX Music application, I ended up having to select the option to "Open Files" to even get to the music I loaded. For what it's worth, I went through the instructions referred to in another post (directed to a link from Paul Thurrott) to add the SD card to my various libraries. I was cautious to add the music to the My Music folder. Either way, the XBOX Music app didn't see the music as being there. I suppose that's a different problem for a different day because what actually transpired was much worse.
      When I start playing the music, it would skip about 4-5 times. By skipping, I mean, there was a discernible pause of about 1-2 seconds and then the music would resume. The good news was, the file would ultimately play. I chalked this up to the tablet caching something. The bad news is, the second the song was over, I would receive multiple (very loud) blocks of a buzzing sound and then the tablet would never play the next song. I would receive an error that says "Can't Play".
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      Hello everyone! 

      Did some research and decided to purchase a surface pro 2 over a cintiq companion. I wanted something portable and more casual and I'm hoping this will fulfill my needs. Hopefully will arrive in a day or two !

      Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but I'm assuming everyone puts a screen protector on their Surface. Is the screen easily prone to scratches using the included stylus? Any recommendations on which ones I should look out for since there are so many? I noticed the Microsoft store sells the privacy and self-healing incipios. Are there any that would somehow interfere with the sensitivity to the stylus input...?

      Any chance that...an old wacom graphire 3 tablet pen would work with these guys, what exactly makes the pen compatible? The driver? 

      I didn't buy a keyboard with mine yet but I was leaning towards the type cover 2, since I really didn't like the lack of actual keys on the touch cover. I heard that they will be releasing a "power cover"? Which is suppose to help with battery life, how bad/good is the battery life at the moment? Any of you looking to invest in one? $199.00 is pretty steep. 

      Apologies, I know it's a lot of questions, but I appreciate any input!

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      i just bought a 64gb surface pro 2, as it was the only available where I live, and reads all the opinions about it been fantastic. Im mainly a mac user but well i say: so many good reviews. I worked in Win 7 a yeae ago because I read win 8 was having problems, but what the hell now I have 8.1 and the errors are supposedly corrected right?
      so in ios is really strange to see an app freeze or the whole Os to freeze when clicking.. but in windows..that seems a daily thing if I overclick some app or window in explorer, and is driving me nuts...
      why do I over click? seems I dont know how to calibrate the double clic quickness oor mayhaps I'm doing something really wrong since Im not use to win8 ormaybe is a bug?
      so here my problem, I was testing illustrator (i installed the wacom feel driver since I also use psd) and I use the hack for turning the Ui into an acceptable size...that was posted in the tips section.
      I opened the color guide, and for some reason if I use my foam size finger I can pick the color, but if I use my stylus, I click and seems selected...but it doesn't. so I click again and seems to pick another colour but didn't bring it into my object... and so is when I realize I need to double click, but no! so I click it like more than thrice or more and illustrator freezes, never picked up the color and so I finished cliĉking it with my finger. but I think, wait! It needs to work with the stylus too right? and I have change the settings of the wacom feel driver, about the speedness of double clik, but nothing changes! and then illustrator shut down unexpectedly "too much overclicking"
      same happens when trying to open a folder in win explorer....the ui is so small still that i rather use my stylus than my enormous finger, but again! the double click is a pain in the ass and never opens my folder till I use my giant finger! and suddenly I over click again too many times with the stylus and my Os freezes!
      someoneee help, I dont want to start hating my new toy! is it the wacom driver ? or the native or what? is it justme? noo I dont lose thepatience that fast so don't think as me clicking so frenetically without waiting the results! 
      also the windows store apps turned out to be crappy versions of the ios store. but well I have the whole windows 8 to run tumblr or pinterest right? like I dont really need Tunein for hearing the radio (win store version is crappy) if I can just google the station by itself or open my tumblr via chrome...etc.
    • reiaya
      By reiaya
      does anybody witj illustrator cs6 using the default stylus has the same problem as me, of the stylus never releasing? I zoom in, make an square and releas to see an specific part of my drawing... but for some reason my stylus nevé release, and so continues zoom in in and in and in.... until I select another tool, making my zoom tool rather unusable. someone help!
    • artgenius89
      By artgenius89
      Hello All! I have been having a small problem when using photoshop. When I am drawing with my hand rested on the screen, sometimes the cursor jumps towards the bottom of the screen. I find this a little odd because this doesnt happen in One Note. I dont remember this happening and being a problem several weeks ago but it happen quite often now. 
      Is anyone else having this problem? 
      Im not sure if its a problem with the tablet or photoshop. I still have a few days to return it and swap it for a new one at the MS Store. 

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