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Surface Pro 2 Pen+Wacom+Program Issues


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I just stumbled on this page while troubleshooting (without finding a solution) due to the following problem:


About half a year ago I bought a Surface Pro 2 Tablet ans used it with the Wacom Bamboo Feel Pen and the respective Wacom driver. However, some weeks ago the pen broke and since I was stuck at home over the free days I wanted a quick solution. Since the Surface 3 came out, it is near to impossible to find the Surface 2 Pen in a store and the Wacom Feel Pen is never readily available anyway. So I grabbed what I found (a wacom intuos pen and touch tablet) to work. This was sufficient for a first run but ever since, photoshop (and any other graphic program) just got stuck while initiating.


The only way to solve this problem was to uninstall the wacom feel driver. Then I could use all programs with the new graphic tablet again.


However, I am home again now, back to where my original Surface Pro 2 pen is (I know its bad, but it works good enough for quick sketching on the go). However, I now I lack the driver to use it - without the wacom feel driver, it is not recognized by the surface. But as soon as I install the wacom driver, of course, photoshop is not working...


I guess, the drivers from the graphic tablet and the wacom feel driver are somehow disturbing photoshop..


So, is there any way to get out of this? To be able to use both, the plug-in-wacom-tablet when I am at home and the original Surface Pro 2 Pen when on the go?


How do I get the original driver for the pen? (I cannot find it anywhere on the net)


I hope, there is a way ;_;



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