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Surface Pro 3 And A Cintiq 24 Hd Touch?


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Hi everyone.


I am thinking of using a cintiq 24 HD touch with the SP3 (I'm not too happy with the low pressure sensitivty of the SP3 digitizer; also for long hours of painting its a bit tiring trying to hit those corners on Photoshop side menu bottons). 

Do you think it will possible to install the wacom drivers of the Cintiq on the SP3? I think it might be possible but just would like to ear your opinions on this.


Thank you in advance.


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Yes, this is possible, BUT...


You won't be able to run any Wintab software on the SP3 when it is not attached to the Cintiq. So long as you run software in TabletPC mode, you will be ok.


If you try to install the N-Trig Wintab software, it will overwrite the Wacom drivers and then you won't have pressure sensitivity on your Cintiq.

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