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New Hp 8" Tablet Leaked


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HP Pro Tablet 408 G1


This one looks intriguing because I assume at 7", it will be priced higher than the Stream 7/8 and not as high as the 10" Pro tablets from HP (which start around $500). According to the spec sheet, it will also work with an active pen from HP, so I assume the screen includes a digitizer.


It will have a 64 GB option, which I really prefer. 32 GB gets cramped quickly, even with a microSD card.


I've never been completely satisfied with my Dell Venue 8 Pro because of its bugginess, and although I like my Stream 7, it's really not all that practical. Maybe I'll replace both with the HP 408.


My guess is that HP will announce this during CES. It's not featured on the HP site except for the spec sheet.


See http://liliputing.com/2014/12/hp-pro-tablet-408-windows-tablet-8-inch-display-pen-support.htmlfor more info and I've attached the spec sheet from HP.



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Rick, have you personally used the stream or any other 8 inch Win tablet? I'm interested in user experence. My initial thought is these tablets have too low of sotrage and RAM and the size wouldn't be all that good for office type activity. I don't mean to say they aren't worth it, becuase I'm sure they would be good enough for some web browsing and email and entertainment media.

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Yes, to both. I have an HP Stream 7 and a Dell Venue 8 Pro. 


The Stream 7 is an amazing device for what it is--an entire Windows computer in a 7" tablet. However, it's really impractical for most things for all the reasons you already know about these small devices. I'm holding on to it for the time being, but I don't yet have a practical use for it. 


The Dell Venue 8 is a bit more useful, but it's hampered by what I believe are just hardware bugs that I doubt will ever get fixed. The wifi will suddenly stop working and a reboot is required to get it back. OneDrive crashes a lot on this device, but not on my other Windows devices--and that's after I've wiped and reinstalled everything at least twice. For what it's worth, the current Dell Venue 8 Pro is a newer generation than what I have, so maybe some of these issues were fixed. 


Obviously, you can use any of these devices for consumption purposes, but I don't know if an iPad is not better suited for these. I've also taken the Venue 8 Pro into meetings to take notes or to access documents that I'll need. Truthfully, though, the iPad version of Office is probably more usable than the desktop version of Office on any of these smaller devices. So, for those purposes, an iPad is probably more useful, especially with a bluetooth keyboard. 


Incidentally, I've got the Dell keyboard that goes with the Venue 8 Pro, and it's probably the worst keyboard layout I've ever used. Symbols like the apostrophe are relegated to function keys, so touch typing is impossible if you regularly type something as common as contractions. Other keys are placed oddly as well. 


Storage could potentially be a problem. I personally feel that 32 GB is not enough for a Windows device because only about 19 GB is actually free. This can fill up very fast. All these devices come with a microSD slot, so that helps, but in my use, the internal storage fills up rather quickly and installing some programs on an SD card slows them down noticeably. 


The Dell Venue 8 Pro I have has 2 GB of RAM, and that's been fine for what I have used it for. You're not going to want to edit video or run CAD software on one of these devices. The Stream 7 has only 1 GB of RAM but this has not caused a problem. Of course, I haven't pushed it hard. They both play video, allow for email, surfing the web and open Office documents fine. Modern UI apps are never a problem, but in my experience, most of them are subpar. 


Theoretically, a person who didn't have heavy computing needs (video editing or processor-intense graphic work) could probably make a device like the 64 GB Venue 8 Pro a primary computer provided there was a dock for connecting to a larger monitor when not mobile. I don't think I could ever do that, but it's not out of the question for some. 


Personally, I'm sold on the idea of a digital/active stylus, like the ones that come with the Surface Pro, for any Windows tablet since so much is still dependent on desktop apps. The Venue 8 Pro has a stylus, but it's taken about three revisions for Dell to get it right. I threw away my original stylus and use the more recent one. The Stream 7 cannot access an active stylus and this can cause a problem because of the small touch points. 

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Thanks for the reply. That pretty much confirms my theory about these devices. I love my Surface Pro 3 and I think that is the perfect tablet for a Windows machine. Windows 10 might just change everything with the combined OS kernel though

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I had the original Surface Pro and loved it. I started grading my papers with the stylus like we used to do when it was literally pen and paper and was hooked. But I liked doing that so much I decided I wanted a larger screen so I traded in my Surface Pro for an Acer R7-572 that let me do the same thing, but with a 15" screen. I really do like the Acer, but it's a big computer to carry around. I would guess that the 12" Surface Pro 3 is probably just right, but I'll probably wait for the next revision before I think about getting one.

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