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Blank Screen


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Hi there


I've found lots of posts regarding the screen freezing at the Surface logo or not waking up but this is different.


When I try to switch on the Surface, the screen lights up slightly, appearing as a dark grey but no logo or anything.


I've tried various fiuxes, eg hold down volume and press power to recover from memory stick but it just loads the same dark grey screen, no logos, options or anything.


It's definitelty got enough charge as something is happening.


Any ideas please?



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Are you saying your Surface doesn't boot at all? It looks like you've tried all the ways of bringing it back. if it doesn't recover you should take it to a Microsoft store or call the MS helpdesk with this issue

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Something happens as the screen changes to a dark grey rather than black, but that's about it. There aren't any stores in the UK so I'll see if I can find a phone number.



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