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Can A Micro Usb Port Be Used To Connect An External Dvd Drive?


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I am looking into buying a  8.1 tablet. One thing I would like to be able to do is attach an external DVD reader/writer.

Most of the Windows 8.1 tablets I have seen have Micro USB ports. Can I plug an external DVD drive into the micor USB port? I understand if it is possible that I would probably need to have an external drive that had its own power supply, that is not a problem.


I am diving into the new Windows 8.1 Ecosystem head first and am trying to figure out what devices I would need to do various things.

I already have a Windows 8.1 Desktop (Built it myself)

I would like to eventually get.....

A Windows 8.1 laptop

A Windows 8.1 tablet

A Windows 8 Phone

A Microsoft band.


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Welcome to the Win 8.1 EcoSystem!

In general, yes it will work and you are correct it would need to be self powered or you would need to have a hub that was powered.

One other device you may want to consider, a Win 8.1 All In One touchscreen PC in the kitchen. Ours ends up being one of the most used computers in the house.

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I might look into that idea for the kitchen.  I was thinking recipes, music for while your doing dishes ect and keeping track of what items you have and or need to buy, but what do you use it for?

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