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So I use my SP2 pen daily to do notes, tasks etc. it recently broke where the eraser was at and I can't seem to find a replacement pen on the MS store site. I've seen some Wacom pens as replacements but some of those are damn near 90$

Anyone got any ideas? I need one with a useable eraser functioning on the back of the pen. Kinda like the normal one that comes with the SP2.

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few months ago, I got my self an SP2 it does have a lot of draw backs but it is quiet a good machine


Only I got surprised by the pen "sensivity", not sure it is the right word to describe it though ...

and I recently compared it to the SP3 witch confirmed the wierdness of this said "sensivity" of my SP2 pen ...


what am I talking about ?

well I need to hit the pen tip to my SP2 in order to register a "click" or start to draw,

when on the SP3 or any of my wacom pads I just have to gently touch the screen/pad ... it makes my drawing experience very unsatifying :(


So I'm wondering, is my SP2 or my pen or both are kind of broken ? or is this another draw back of the SP2 ?

as for now I couldn't compare to another SP2 to be sure ...


If anyone could tell me there's no such difference between SP3 and SP2 then I'll send my device to MS support ..I guess :(

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