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Sp3 And 3D Softwares, Ergonomics?


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This is the first time I post a question on this (very interresting) forum.

I'm 3D artist (Maya, Mudbox...etc) and I was looking for a Wacom Companion but the price mativated me to look for another solution.


Now, I'm very interrested in SP3 but I have some questions on an ergonimics point of view:

- when you are drawing with a stylus, the contact with the edge of your hand is "filtered"?

- I know that the official keyboard have to be connected to the tablet so how to correctly draw on the screen and use shortcuts because the arm is lying on the keyboard?


I have some additional questions to help me decide or not but it's a first "batch" :)


PS: sorry for my english, I'm french...


Thank you



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not sure if this will get seen but having recently played with both the SP3 and the thinkpad Yoga, I would say AVOID the surface pro 3! the pen currently is useless for anything 3d because it barely has 2 buttons let alone all 3 required for navigation in mudbox / maya 


I am a very experienced 3d and 2d artist btw, (mudbox zbrush maya max softimage I could list a ton of programs here that I use near daily) 


my main complaint with the n-trig pen is that right clicking is done with sidebutton+pen tip which means you can never left+right click, and they dont even have any way to set up a third mouse button. this may seem trivial but it's quite a problem for most 3d apps.



the thinkpad yoga on the other hand supports the fujitsu pen or any other 3 button capable pen for the tabletpc ecosystem and therefore works just fine. another thing I was impressed by in the TPY is that the performance was actually much better than the surface, and it was far quieter! (and heated up less) 


anyways just wanted to put this out here before mistakes were made. The two I got to play with belong to my father, he bought and returned the surface for the yoga as he was equally frustrated with aspects of it.

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Wacom announced a the Companion 2 this year and it looks amazing(SP3 specs but wacom)... though I got a SP3 last year.


I have no issues with Zbrush and the pen. In Maya I always use a usb mouse. Using a pen in maya just feels too weird.


For photoshop and zbrush I use a bluetooth keyboard and put it angled behind my surface. It puts the keyboard in reach of my hand for shortcuts and I just draw on the Surface as though it was a piece of paper between me and the keyboard.


I use CAD software for work, and it I used Keyboard and mouse. I am going to school for Computer animation. The resolution is so nice in Maya and zbrush, there is so much real estate to work with the icons are all super small which opens up the working areas.

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