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Wacom Pen For Surface Pro 3


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I really love my new Surface Pro 3,

I like the size, the stand, the accuracy of the Pen writing/drawing,


But i hate the pen it self,

in my opinion, the "one note button" is useless, i want a rubber at the end of the pen

the plastic nib is good for writing but not for drawing, i want a rubber nib.

and the Nib ist build by cheap material, it is bend/curved after a while.


I call the Microsoft Support and ask for a single new nib, but they say it is only selling with the whole Pen as Package.

(49.99€) for a new Pen, only because the Nib ist damaged? Shameless  : (

Is there any way to use a Wacom Pen on the Surface Pro 3?
A special driver, selfmade opensource firmware, a secret cracktool or antything like this?

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You're out of luck. The Wacom and N-Trig pens are absolutely incompatible. I've tried other N-Trig pens on the SP3 and the tips are all about the same.

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