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Alternate Pen Recommendation For Surface Pro 3...


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Can someone suggest an alternate N-trig Pen for the surface pro 3.  Primarily I'm looking for something that has a rubber nib.


The Wacom feel tip was perfect. Long lasting and had the perfect amount of friction on the glass. Even the original surface pro 3 nib was ok, despite the fact it lasted about a week. Following the advice of people on other forums I asked Microsoft for replacement nibs - but the ones I got were pure plastic, having no rubber to cling to the surface.


Any suggestions?

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I've tried the Sony and Acer Active Pens on the Surface Pro 3. Neither is hugely different. N-Trig is getting ready to market its own line of pens. We'll see if they make a difference.


I'm surprised about the nibs you got from Microsoft. I don't remember my replacements being any harder than the originals.

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