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Acer Aspire R13. Anyone Think It Could Be Awesome?


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Had to start this thread because the anticipation is too much.  It should be coming out anytime now and hopefully the reviews will be posted immediately.


Anyone think it has a lot of promise?  It seems like a worthy successor to the Vaio Duo 13, possibly superior in every way except battery life.  


The only problem is I imagine you'd use it in tablet mode for drawing almost all the time.  I can't wait to know whether or not Ezel mode is effective; it seems like you would not be able to apply any pressure to the upper portion of the screen without pushing it out of position unless you improvise by holding it with your other hand or another object.  It's frustrating to not be able to know even though there have been a lot of trade show videos.  None of the people covering it are artsy enough to test it for us.


It also seems certain to be Ntrig.  They only call it the "Acer active stylus" at the moment.  


Anyway even if Ezel mode sucks, I think this may end up being what I buy.  I wanted to get a Duo 13 for a long time but missed my best opportunity on ebay a few weeks back, and prices/choices have gotten much worse since then to the point where I don't even bother to check anymore.


Side-note:  Also wondering if the HP Envy x2 13 with Core-M will turn out to be awesome, but I have doubts.

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