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Netflix for Canadians


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I know there are a few canadian WHS Show followers here as well as John and I so I'm wondering......

Now that Netflix is available in Canada is anyone using it and how does it work with WMC and WHS.

Is it streaming only or is there a possibility to down load and move to the WHS?

Can we do this in Windows Media center?

Where is the WMC/Netflix interface.

Is there any content worth while?

What about DRM and watching on multiple devices??



Anyone know?


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Netflix is streaming only. There's no download, other than normal buffering. I have not heard of any PC program that's able to capture the movie stream and convert it into a savable file, but it might exist.

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The thing about Netflix is that they have gone through a lot of effort to make sure you can't copy the content that is being streamed. All settop boxes that wanted to have the Netflix tile on their devices had to show that it was protected. Even Western Digital came out with the WDTV Live Plus that they added protection for this.


Being Canadian, the Netflix tile does not show up on a Canadian WMC, which is wierd,( I had to hack my PC do allow ATSC tuner which is only available if your PC is set to US, this also includes Internet TV).


I did get the new Dashboard for my 360, and it has the Netflix tile, but you have to have a gold account to use it.


In the end, the Canadian content sucks. We do not have the same choices as the US. :(

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Ah wow that is not encouraging at all :unsure:

Thanks for the info.


I have just decided to put a Xbox in the TV room as a extender (for simplicity and WAF)

So I can get Netflix content there but I guess I have to come out of extender mode for Netflix.....????

there goes the simplicity for my wife. Ah darn.


I don't know much about Xbox and all the account types and Canadian implications and restrictions. Are you suggesting a gold account isn't worth it.(Diehard)

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You might want to look into a Roku. It has netflix streaming capabilities and it's increasing the number of "channels" you can get (some free, some paid) that offer even more content. For example, there's a pandora channel, which is nice for entertaining, and you just want some background music.

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