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Welcome To Windows 10


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I thought I would be welcoming you to Windows 9 or Windows One.  Nope, it's Windows 10!


Would you like to install the Windows 10 Preview?


Go here:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview


You will have to click a link to agree to the preview program and then you should see the download links.  It takes just a few seconds to get to the files.

There are several languages and a 32 and 64 bit English install.




It's a preview so expect issues and constant upgrades to get to the final release.  Having said that, DO NOT, install on production hardware.  Don't expect to upgrade to the final bits either.  Only on test hardware guys.


I can't wait to see your Win 10 discussions here in Surface Geeks Forums.


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I was thinking about a hyper v install myself.  I have a workstation sitting around with 8.1 too. It's an extra box so may use it instead.

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Finally got it up and running on an old Laptop. Had to do a clean install from the BIOS though, wouldn't install from Windows 8 desktop. It failed to load the desktop and ended up restoring back to 8, then smashed out the 8 install in the end haha. 


It looks good, the search is proper messed up though. They have totally dumped the Windows 8 SmartSearch from the looks of it, even when you set it into 'tablet/touch' mode with the full tile start menu; it boots to desktop with the search/smartsearch app?


The results are just a vanilla Bing page with no kind of modern twist or app results, I cannot help but feel they have gone backwards here from what SmartSearch does on 8.1.


Why there is two search methods, the start menu and the dedicated search icon/box.. Is beyond me. I guess they will be improving this as it is clearly rather broken at the moment. If they want to have the two separate search boxes at least make one online and one offline, making them both do the same thing seems rather pointless.


Either way though, the search feature is pretty crap now, at least with SmartSearch it offered something different from Bing/Google, now it is nothing more than a forwarder to Bing.

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I'm in and liking it so far.  Loaded my MS ID and all my Apps and Settings were pulled right in.


Running in Hyper-V for now -- planning to load Server 10 on metal later when I have a little time for setup.


Kinda like the New Funky Start Button and the power button near my MS ID



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I've got it running on my SP 1st Gen with no real problems though some things are a bit different.


After loading all the apps I actually use I was surprised to note that I have 90Gb available out of the 128Gb total. While I don't remember exactly how much space I had available prior to that, I know it was quite a bit less than that.


I had originally done it as an upgrade to the existing Win8.1, but later I thought a virgin install was a better idea. Went to recovery and had it wipe and replace as new. Installed W10 just fine and was fairly quick about it too.


I did note that after the upgrade, the recovery partition was also upgraded to the tech preview. This tells me that MS could have done that with W8.1 also but chose not to since the SP always resorted to the original software load of W8.


I have to wonder why they didn't do that?


One oddity is in the mail client. When I tried to add my mac.com account it couldn't figure it out and I had to plug in the necessary server names. Didn't have to do that before with W8 or W8.1.


Sent from my Surface with Windows 8 Pro using Tapatalk

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