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Pro 1 To Pro 2 Updates?


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OK, so I know it is not officially the Pro 1, rather the Pro, but I am close to buying a Pro 1 to replace a stolen Pro 2. I like the Pro 1/2 size over the Pro 3, so would like to stay with this format.

What differences am I likely to notice?
I know it is a 3rd gen i5 so runs warmer. That means fans on more often, but really, how often?

How loud are they?


I also see that a lot of the resolved heat issues on the Pro 2 are taken care of with software, but surely the 4th gen i5 has a lot to do with that too. Do those updates apply to the Pro 1?

Looking at the ifixit pics, is the CPU a plug in or surface mount solder? Could I get a 4th gen i5 that plugs in?


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I had a pro1 and went to a pro2. I did it for the battery life, heat, somewhat reduced bezel size, and I was able to get much more memory and a bigger disk size.

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