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Surface Pro And Pro 2 Compatibility


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Hi, had my Pro 2 stolen a few weeks back and have not yet replaced it. I didn't have the Power Type Cover on it at the time, so I am halfway OK. :)


Newegg have the Pro on sale and I am wondering if the Power Type cover from the Pro 2 will fit it.


I need to be sure as there is a $86 restock fee if it doesn't.


Also, is the upgrade to win8.1-pro free and possible on the Pro?




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Wow, great news. Thanks for the speedy reply.


I did some searching on the msoft site but never found that page. When I clicked "Surface" and then "Surface Accessories," it only showed the Pro 3 covers. Ahhhh, msoft, gotta love them.


Hopefully Newegg still has the Pro in stock at $545, I think it was. I prefer the Pro/Pro-2 size to the Pro 3.


I did some searching and found there wasn't a great deal of difference between the Pro and the Pro 2. Care to toss in an opinion?


The win8.1 issue is not that big a deal as my laptop is still on win8.0 and wife's Miix tablet is on win8.1 so could have lived with it at win8.0, but worth asking.

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As was stated before, any Win 8 device can easily be updated, for free, to Win 8.1.


The differences between the Pro/Pro 2 are heat AND battery life. You will get very poor battery life on the pro. Close to half depending on how you use it.

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