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Ok I am going to keep the vague as possible. If you dont know what I am talking about thats ok. This is the Ustream HSS home game. Please add more rules to this post so we can come up with a nice rule set. (Lets not get crazy, some of us would like to make it to the end of the stream) Bare with me I need to type this as fast as possible as my lunch break ticks down.




Andrew Edney



"Thats the Thing"

"Good Stuff"




Canada x2 if they talk about all the free power they have and how crappy the internet is up there

Skype noises (bings bong and other alerts)


Vail will be a tuff one. I like my beer but not that much. How about when they say "Vail Beta2" (let me know I will change this if someone had a better idea)




Post any more that you think will fit the bill!

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I love the fact that this post had 136 view and only 2 replys. Tells you something about our listeners!


Remember, it only takes 50 uStreamers to get the video stream going, so tell your friends!


In light of that, add "uStream" to the list...

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So funny, I post this and then I couldn't find the time to stop into the live stream. Sorry- real life got in the way again. That just gives me more time to load up the fridge with more .....

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