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Surface 2 Or Lumia 2520?


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Has anyone used both?


Has anyone used either with a stylus? If so, what brand and how was the responsiveness? I use OneNote a lot!


The pricing (with keyboards) is about the same. I know the camera is much better on the Lumia.


Anything other input from anyone else?

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I have the Nokia 2520 and a Surface RT. I have played with the Surface 2. I prefer the typing on the Nokia 2520 keyboard over the type 2 keyboard. However, I prefer the form factor of the Surface 2 and the type 2 keyboard.


My experience with the Nokia keyboard was pretty awful. The first couple of months it worked as advertised. However, I dropped The combination 2520 and keyboard on my foot. The cheap plastic alignment tabs broke off, the battery case worked great for a while until the tablet would completely power down when the battery ran out on the case. To use the full battery in the tablet required my removing the tablet from the keyboard case and rebooting the tablet. Of course I could no-longer use the keyboard because, the battery in the case had used up it's charge. From time to time, the tablet would also slide inside the case and turn off the tablet (because of the broken alignment tabs). This forced me to reboot the tablet. Wasn't worth the money. Every time I used the Nokia and it's keyboard case, I wished I had my Surface RT and it's then Type 1 keyboard. Even when it was working correctly, the Nokia combination was just second best. The quality of the form factor and the type keyboard was just better on the surface.


Having said all that I had to also replace my type 1 keyboard with a type 2 keyboard for my surface RT as several keys stopped working.


I eventually returned the Nokia keyboard case and bought a Microsoft wedge Bluetooth keyboard for my Nokia 2520.


If I had it to do all over again, a Surface 2 with 4G LTE would have been the right choice.

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Thanks, I was in a hurry. I went with the 2520 and a targus stylus. I hate the stylus, and on a multi touch screen, when I drag my palm I get random lines. But , I love the tablet so far, we'll see as things move along.

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I didn't want to paint a super bad picture of the 2520. I still carry it around all the time. The size and thinness is great and the screen is incredible inside and outside. The screen seems to get fingerprints easier then the Surface RT/2 though.


I believe the 2520 is excellent in many ways. I don't use the USB ports that often. But, I have to carry around a OTG cable that is a bit fussy to get anything plugged in it to be recognized.


Surface RT/2 just works with any full-sized USB device.


I've also used the mini HDMI adaptor for the surface RT with the 2520. I've have a great experience with it. Using it to run a presentation makes me the envy of the group. (Surface tablets would do this too though, the Surface RT struggles to keep up sometimes.)


The only other annoyance is the 2520's casing has some flex. And I can feel the touch feedback vibrate when I'm carrying the tablet in my incipio case. Sometimes on the bus, the touch feedback will vibrate and the start screen will launch. I have to fight it sometimes when reading on the bus. Hmmm, not a glowing picture. But, the processor is better than the Surface RT.


4G is amazing and I will not get another tablet without it. Hopefully, the next generation tablets will get the 4G options sooner than later. Surface 2 has a 4G option. I've not had any experience with it. But, as far as tablets are concerned, I am a convert for having 4G. Never again do I have the concern of looking for a WiFi hotspot. The "always on" functionality makes the portable device experience great.


The 2520's battery life is really exceptional. Much better than the Surface RT. I cannot speak to the Surface 2.


Not sure about the Windows RT experience. It does everything I need it to except, I cannot remote connect to my work computer. I had hoped to use it in meetings and have access to my work desktop but, I need a Java Client for that. Currently, our office won't let us BYOD directly into the same network as our desktop computers. They provide a separate wireless for that. There is something to be said that Windows RT, as an OS, is a bit more protected then the traditional Windows OS. I've enjoyed the experiment.


What will be the future of Windows RT devices? Will it just be phones and phablets? Probably. This is too bad since I've really liked it on both my Surface RT and 2520. I have no complaints with the OS. Apps? I have what I need and office is great. Microsoft shot itself in the foot with creating comparable versions of the Office software for the IPad and Android devices.


It will be interesting to see if there will be a 2530 device. I'm going to guess no. My guess will be that there will be a Surface 3... Maybe.



Sent from my Surface with Windows RT using Tapatalk

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