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Rebinding The Pen Buttons


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yeah as the topic states, i would like to rebind the buttons on the pen. the rightclick is such a pain to use and i definitely do not need an erase button. i would like to bind the keys just as i have them on my intuos tablets, front button is rightclick, backbutton is middle click. This way i can use it in 3d apps.

I managed to rebind the one not button at the very end of the pen, to start zbrush and photoshop instead, which makes a lot more usefull to me.

But i really can't find the codes for those buttons, which makes it impossible for me to rebind them with autohotkeys. So did anyone have luck with this?





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I would suggest you look at EventGhost:




There is a video which shows usage:


Search - Sean Ong, How to Customize the Surface Pro 3 Pen Button

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