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Ultrabook With Digitizer For 3D Modeler/sculptor


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Awesome, will do. I just messed around in fresh paint and you have to push really hard. Seems odd. Other apps seems fine. I am letting it charge now before I start installing all my software.

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    • LazyZen
      By LazyZen
      Hi guys!
      Decided to study Zbrush independently, but there is a problem, pressure of a stylus,
      the driver(wintab) which stood earlier doesn't work, deleted since the illustrator worked incorrectly,
      can where that needs to be delivered a tick that earned?
    • krom
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      I've been following the whole 3D thing for a while and I wanted to jump in on a gaming PC for my son and an HTPC as well. There are a couple of pretty good articles out there right now at MaximumPC and ExtremeTech touching on these two scenarios:
      Has anyone else traveled down this path? The video card Maximum PC chose for their HTPC gaming rig was an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti. Any thoughts on this card? At the ~$250 price mark that's about as much as I'd want to spend on a GPU and it seems Nvidia has the lead in 3D at this point so that leaves AMD out for this project. I'm looking to see if anyone else has tried this and their thoughts. Aside from 3D BluRay can you do 3D gaming on a 3D TV?
      Thanks for any information you guys might have.
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