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Ultrabook With Digitizer For 3D Modeler/sculptor


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I´m new here, and this is my first post.


I´m an architect and designer (I use sketchup, max, modo, fusion 360, zbrush, etc) , I´m willing to get one of those ultrabooks armed with a digitizer, but can´t decide wich one. Been looking at the ThinkPad Yoga, but there´s is many other options now, any advices? Sony, Acer, Dell, etc...something that gives me a Cintiq like experience with 3d, proportiinaly speaking.




Gustavo Goulart

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The Thinkpad Yoga offers the best performance with fewest compromises, although you will need to carry around a bluetooth keyboard if you want to use it in tablet mode. Here's the review I wrote last year: http://surfaceproartist.com/blog/2013/12/22/thinkpad-yoga-review-falling-short-of-perfection


Looking at it today, I'd say I was a little harsh on the TPY at the time because I'd had such high expectations at the time. 

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Yes, the SP3 is closer to the TPY but Microsoft's choice of N-Trig digitizer diminished the appeal of the device for art purposes. It's been about four months since the SP3 was released and we still don't have a control panel to control pressure curves or tip sensitivity.


You may also want to consider the Thinkpad Helix with Core-M processor which Lenovo announced last week.

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And I thought the pen worked pretty good. But then again, I'm not an artist and don't really use it much. If Microsoft could add those features, would that be a big selling point to you?

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Yes, Microsoft is working on additional pen controls which will make a huge difference to artists. But at this moment, I'd still give the edge to devices with Wacom digitizers.

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SurfaceProArtist, Now I now what you mean about the Surface Pen. I tried to use Fresh Paint to put some illustrations on a screen shot, and I found the pen to be unworkable. On OneNote it works okay, but I totally see how no serious artist could be content with the Surface Pen.

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I am a 3D Modeler/Sculptor as well. I am going to take the plunge with the Surface Pro 3. Even though there are so many bad reviews on heat issues and the pen seems to not be ideal, It is closer to a product I would use more often. I took a look at the Helix and it doesn't seem too impressive to me, especially for the price. 


I do not do my work for professional reasons. It is for hobby/schooling right now, but I hope to turn it into a presentation / portable work device after I graduate. I mainly use Z Brush. I hope to start posting my experience with it once I get it. Should have it this week actually. A little later than I was expecting, but money will be in hand tomorrow :D

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