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Ethernet Adapter - Usb Hub


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This is the one I use. It's powered. Does it need to be powered? If you want to plug in SATA drives, especially more than one I recommend it. Plus a powered hub draws a lot less current out of your device, heating it up less.





Certified Data USB 3.0 Switch Hub - 4 Port - GUH-3912




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I have a question please on the pic of the power hub. How come there is an on/off switch for each connection?. When a USB hub is powered don't you just want them all powered?. I have a very small USB hub for travel.. It's not USB 3.0 for sure.. But it's feather weight but it has an adaptor input on the side.. Do I just spend $5 and get an adaptor or the fact that it's not USB 3.0 and doesn't have a switch suggest I shouldn't use it?.

It would be for Ethernet and MagicJack only and maybe an external webcam.


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The individual power switches let you turn off gear that you don't use a lot. Let's say: You're working on an assignment that's stored on your computer's internal hard drive. With individual switches you can keep your external hard drive turned off until you want to back up your document at the end of the day while you can use the ethernet adapter the whole time.

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