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Pro2 Surface Res Issue, Cannot See All Of Screen


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I am new to tablets, always had desktops and laptops so never had any experience with scaling. I have my res on my new surface pro set to recommended but I still get an error as you see below.



I have worked out how to turn the scaling off for some programs but the settings for some things don't fully fit on the screen. I have set my task-bar to auto hide to help this but with some programs I cannot see certain parts, and in some settings I cannot see the apply, cancel and OK row. I have taken some screenshots to show what I mean.



This is with the taskbar auto hidden or I would not be able to click without shift guessing.




This is a little irritating and I am looking for a work around or am I being stupid and missing something really simple?

I have been searching google and the forums but not really finding anything.

Any help/tips appreciated.

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If you take a look at the display resolution settings, even though it may be on the (Recommended) resolution, it gives a warning below; "Some items might not fit your screen."

Leave the resolution at 1920 x 1080. On the "Screen Resolution" page, select "Make text and other items larger or smaller." Once in that screen (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display), make sure the slider is set to the recommended size, aka 3rd setting from the left.



Let Windows 8.1 do the work. Turning scaling on and off in different programs (or even for external monitors) is just asking for trouble.

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