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Internet Usb Dongle Question


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Good morning,

I saw for sale at BB this dongle for $50 in an original Microsoft box right next to all the surface accessories.

Allows you to plug into the surface (USB slot) and on other end is where you would plug in your or hotels Ethernet cable giving your wired internet connectivity.


Down a few aisles away they sell something identical for $20.


My question is.. Are the identical or am I better off getting the Microsoft one?. It's a small piece and for calls on magic jack and Skype, in hotels I prefer Ethernet hook up over wifi.


Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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I have used an inexpensive Linksys USB to Ethernet adapter on a Surface Pro 2. As long as it works with Windows 8 it should be fine.

Windows Rt and Surface 2 are different. At one point I had USB to Ethernet adapter working with RT, but I think Windows RT 8.1 broke that.

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