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New app: Pod Catcher for servers


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Merry Christmas people. My gift to you, the first version of Poca (Pod Catcher). Enjoy.

It is not a WHS Add-In, but it can run as a Windows service. It does require a Sun Java 5 or newer JRE installed on the server. Run the JavaTest.exe in the zip file and it will guide you to Sun download page if you don't have a new enought version of Java or no verions at all.

But over all it is pretty easy to install.


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I've posted an update. I found yesterday morning that the client to service communication is still having intermittent failures. I still haven't found the cause, but I have made changes to handle the problems better and make it less evident that they occur. I haven't seen any problems with checking the feeds or downloading pod casts. But there are only a few pod casts that I subscribe to.

Thanks for the interest.

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