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Best Free Windows Art Programmes?


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Looking for opinion for the best free art programmes for windows. Though this might be a good topic for an article for yourself SurfaceProArtist.


Sketchbook Pro 7 Essentials would probably make the list. Download the trial version of pro 7, register and then you get access to a more fully featured free version of Sketchbook.


FireAlpaca. This is a new one to me on windows but I am familiar and enjoyed using the Android equivalent LayerPaint HD. Simple lay out but pretty powerful tools. Suitable for tablets.


Krita. This has only just been brought to my attention but looks like and interesting programme. Has some good tutorials on their site.


SmoothDraw. Looks to have won several awards. I'm going to give it a try.


Gimp. This is usually on most peoples free tools list so put it on here despite not really using it much.


What are your thoughts?


I would imagine that the majority of Surface users like the idea of drawing on their machines but dont want to fork out £50+ for a programme to do so.

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