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App Comparison Android Vs Wp8.1


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I have been playing with the OnePlus One phone and comparing it to my Lumia925.

Of course the OnePlus One has every app I need. WP8.1 is missing a few key apps I need.

Below is a comparison of apps. Asterisk for clear favorites. A few podcasts ago, I think Darren nailed it, Microsoft needs to through money at the problem and make it go away. They are really close:


OnePlus One              Lumia 925

Pocket Cast*                Podcasts

Tapatalk                        Tapatalk


Nest*                              Roost

Twitter                            Twitter

FaceBook                      FaceBook

Sonos*                           Phonos

Outlook.com                  Outlook.com

Xfinity connect*              email app

email app                       exchange email* 

Gmail                              email app

Onenote                         Onenote

Adobe reader                Adobe reader

Calendar                        Calendar*


Foursquare                    Foursquare

AffinityPlus                     web

Allina MyChart               web


Xbox music                    Xbox music

Rhapsody                       Rhapsody

Pandora                          Pandora

Spreaker                         Spreaker


Sticher                             Sticher

FitBit                                FitBit

Google Authenticator    Authenticator

Fly Delta                         Fly Delta

Southwest                        Southwest

Gasbuddy                      Gasbuddy

LastPass                        LastPass

Microsoft Office             Microsoft Office

PayPal                            PayPal

Shazam                          Shazam

Teamviewer                   Teamviewer

eBay                               eBay

NewEgg                         NewEgg

YouTube*                       YouTube

OneDrive                       OneDrive

Box                                 Box

Syncplicity                     Syncplicity

Copy                              Copy

Drive                              web

Skype                            Skype

CamCard                      CamCard

cpro Craigslist*            Craigslist deLuxe

Hulu Plus                       Hulu Plus

Netflix                             Netflix

LinkedIn                         LinkedIn

Google Maps                Here Drive+*

                                        Bing Apps*

Google Apps*

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I know since you posted this that, at least, Flipboard was released. Have any others, that you know of?





Sent from my P6095 using Tapatalk

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Flipboard is a nice add

SmartThings made it to WP

No Webex, but my company switched to Lync, and that has a WP app

Rumor is dropbox is in the works


MineCraft Pocket is now on WP, big deal for my 9 year old daughter.


PocketCast is probably my biggest pain

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Update on the app gap

OnePlus One                   Lumia 1520

Pocket Cast                       Pocket Cast

Tapatalk                             Tapatalk

SmartThings                    SmartThings

Nest                                     Cozy (Nest approved)

Untappd                                Untappd

Twitter                                  Twitter

FaceBook                            FaceBook

Sonos*                                 Phonos

Outlook.com                       Outlook.com

Xfinity connect                    Mail app

email app                             exchange email* 

Gmail                                    Mail app

Onenote                               Onenote

Evernote                           Evernote

Adobe reader                      Adobe reader

Adobe Photoshop Exp      Adobe Photoshop Exp

Calendar                              Calendar*

Junos Pulse VPN              Junos Pulse VPN

Webex                               Webex   

Foursquare                           Foursquare

AffinityPlus                            web access

Fidelity                                Fidelity

Wells Fargo                        Wells Fargo

Allina MyChart                      web access


Xbox music                           Xbox music

Rhapsody                              Rhapsody

Pandora                                 Pandora

Spreaker                                Spreaker

Flipboard                             Flipboard

Sticher                                    Sticher

FitBit                                        FitBit

Google Authenticator           Authenticator

Fly Delta                                 Fly Delta

Southwest                                web access

Gasbuddy                               Gasbuddy

LastPass                                 LastPass

Microsoft Office                     Microsoft Office

PayPal                                    PayPal

Shazam                                  Shazam

Teamviewer                           Teamviewer

eBay                                        eBay

NewEgg                                  NewEgg

YouTube*                               YouTube

Office Lens                         Office Lens

Otixo                                    Otixo  

OneDrive                                OneDrive

Box                                           Box

Syncplicity                              Syncplicity

Copy                                       Copy

DropBox                              DropBox

Drive                                        web access

Skype                                       Skype

CamCard                                 CamCard

cpro Craigslist                        CPlus for Craigslist*

Duolingo                              Duolingo

Hulu Plus                                 Hulu Plus

Netflix                                       Netflix

LinkedIn                                   LinkedIn

Open Table                           Open Table

Google Maps                           Here Drive+*

                                              Bing Apps*

Google Apps*

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Last week I was traveling a bunch for work.

On three days in a row I need to view webinars on my phone.

These Apps worked perfectly:




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