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I've Moved From Apple To Surface: Some Questions


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Hello!  I picked up my new Surface Pro 3 yesterday, and I LOVE it.  It is absolutely all that it's advertised to be.  I do have a couple of issues, however, and hope that they are windows related and easily rectified.  I was hoping someone of the forum would be able to assist me:


1.  When I attempt to download programs from the internet they do not install.  Specifically, iTunes and Logos desktop software.  They are 64 bit versions; should they install on the SP3?  My understanding was that any programs that would install on a regular Windows computer should install on the SP3?


2.  Is it possible to download my favourites and bookmarks from Safari to the Windows Internet Explorer?



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I don't have iTunes installed but based on the system reqs for iTunes there should be no problem installing it on the SP3 and yes, the SP3 supports 64-bit programs.  I'm not familiar at all with the Logos software so can't speak to that.


Export Safari's bookmarks to an html file.  Internet Explorer should be able to import an html file.

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I have Logos and iTunes installed on my i5 Surface Pro 3 and they are both working well so far. Are you receiving any error messages when attempting to install the programs?



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