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Dual Monitors W/ Mst Hub Problems


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I came into the SP3 world after many hours researching to make sure that dual external monitors was a possibility, specifically without using USB-powered "external video cards". However, after following directions that people have posted before I have the below setup, and only one external monitor is being displayed.

System: Surface Pro 3 i7 / 8GB / 512GB SSD
Microsoft Surface Docking Station
2x HP LA2206x Monitors
StarTech Triple Head DisplayPort 1.2 Multi Monitor MST Hub
StarTech Mini-DP to DP Adapter cable

Plugged in like so:

Docking Station -> Mini-DP to DP Cable -> MST Hub -> Output 1=Monitor #1, Output 2=Monitor #2

The Surface continues displaying on its screen, and Monitor #1 gets output. Monitor #2 seems like it tries to initialize (I hear the "da-dump" sound from the Surface when it gets plugged in/unplugged) but no video output.

I have tested the MST Hub on another laptop (HP Elitebook Folio 9470m) and both external monitors display without issue. The only difference between the two setups is the Mini-DP to DP adapter cable is not required/cant be used for the setup on the 9470m, as it has a full DP port on it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Have you tried removing the hub and using both the dock Mini DP and the SP3 Mini DP to power both your monitors?


I actually power 3 monitors like this:



Dock -> Mini dp -> dual hdmi  -> 2 x 24" Monitors


SP3 Mini DP -> 27" hi-res mini dp monitor

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