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Cursor Is Jumping In Photoshop


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Hello All! I have been having a small problem when using photoshop. When I am drawing with my hand rested on the screen, sometimes the cursor jumps towards the bottom of the screen. I find this a little odd because this doesnt happen in One Note. I dont remember this happening and being a problem several weeks ago but it happen quite often now. 


Is anyone else having this problem? 


Im not sure if its a problem with the tablet or photoshop. I still have a few days to return it and swap it for a new one at the MS Store. 

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I realize you may have figured this out and/or returned the Surface already.  For what it's worth I have noticed a little slow-down/cursor jumping when the Surface is under heavy work load.  In my case I found out that windows 8 was surreptitiously downloading updates and when I switched the settings to alert me when they were available instead of automatically downloading it cleared up the occaisional cursor-jerking.  I've noticed that the pen/touch right-click settings can cause some jerkiness if the hold-to-right-click is turned off.


Mine is Surface Pro 3 i7 256GB.  I use mainly illustrator and a little bit of Photoshop and Artrage.  Smooth as butter when I'm not multitasking too many things.  WMP+illustrator is okay, but if I try to download large files or install a major program in the background there is minor lag and occaisional cursor jump.

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I've never made a correlation between background activity and cursor jumping, but one of the first things I do when I unbox a Windows device is to turn off automatic updates. I always set my systems to check for updates and notify me. Of course, with this setting, you must be diligent about installing your updates as quickly as possible so that you don't inadvertently leave your device vulnerable.

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