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Replacing An Asus Ep121 With A Surface Pro 2 Or 3

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Hi, i dont usually post the same question in more than one place, but after posting it on Reddit i watched a video on you tube about SurfaceGeek returning his unit and thought this would be a better place to ask.


I Currently have an ASUS EP121 that over the last 2 years has been in for warranty for just about everything. The digitiser has failed in a band across the screen and its now in for assessment and replacement via Harvey Norman.

The above was as follows:

ASUS EP121 i5 4Gb 64Gb


It had an issue with throttling frequently and slowing down at 60degC to 460Mhz until the internal temperature dropped to 45degC It had a Gen 1 Intel Dual-Core i5 470um 1.3ghz stock - 1.8ghz turbo (and 2 very loud fans that i got used to)


I am looking at the following options:

Surface Pro 2 i5 4Gb 128Gb $1025

Surface Pro 2 i5 8Gb 128Gb $1367 

Surface Pro 3 i5 4Gb 128Gb $1208

Surface Pro 3 i5 8Gb 256Gb $1548


They will only give back my initial purchase price $967 or a similar spec unit, which is:

Surface Pro 2 i5 4Gb 64Gb $917.


Hard drive space is no issue I used the Full sized SD slot for extra storage (so ill have to buy a new card)


After my previous experience with a device that pretty much was throttled 100% of the time (Google chrome with 1 tab or Microsoft solitaire would result in throttle after about 30 seconds) I am hesitant to go a surface pro 3, is it really that bad or does it only throttle when people try to use it like a razor blade?

I already have an Android Phone and my kids have Ipad Air's, i feel to locked in when i use them (a bit more freedom in Cynogenmod on my phone) but as a tech i love my Windows 8 Pro for onsite work.

also note: the Wacom digitiser in the EP121 didn't fuss me much, pen spent most of its time stored in the pen compartment unless i needed to be precise with where i clicked.(good design ASUS bad reliability)


My main goal is to replace my Desktop finally with my surface pro 2 or 3, the EP121 Was meant to do this but spent 5 out of 24 months at Asus getting stuff done and after a Bios update from Asus to make the tablet more compatible with windows 8, it completely changed the throttle level to unusable, hell my device ran at 45 to 50 degC idle at the desktop, and to throttle it at 65degC till the temp had dropped to 45degC was almost impossible.

It will have the following tasks to perform:

  • Heavy internet use :D (Google Chrome Lover)
  • Office Related tasks
  • Web development with SublimeText and Local Xampp Server
  • Unity 4.5.* for 2D/Basic 3D mobile game development
  • Photoshop for website design
  • Spotify music streaming in the background
  • Drive 2 x HD(not 4k) LCD

I have a lot of games on steam, but I have all 3 consoles so I find my self installing steam, taking up space, and then not using it till I need the space and deleting it. I might end up putting some old school games (no not far cry or crysis i mean masters of origin 3 and starcraft :P) on it for when im bored while not home and minecraft to waste some time. I was always under the understanding that Intel Graphics meant don’t bother.

I’m looking at getting a dock setup for home and a type cover for when im out.

I am reading allot of people that have the pro 3 and they say the throttling is not that bad, but I used to say that about my EP121 because I had forked out the $1200 for it and accessories,

I will admit it was normally only noticeable during HD Video playback and the fact that the task manager made it easy to show that it was throttled.

I live in Queensland Australia, so average temps are gonna be higher which is what I put the EP121's throttling down to, if I used it in air-con at work the device would throttle less for shorter periods.

Is there any performance gain between Surface Pro 2 i5 4Gb 128Gb $1025 and Surface Pro 3 i5 4Gb 128Gb $1208 ? The extra money could buy me a type cover or dock, the other way i looked was Surface Pro 2 i5 8Gb 128Gb $1367.


Either way, the EP121 had a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a weight of 1.16Kg.

http://www. Asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/Eee_Slate_EP121/

and when i purchased it the only competition was the Samsung Slate 7, even microsoft used the ep121 in their windows 8 commercials and ads until surface arrived.

Asus just found the best way to kill a device.


I know this question is fully overloaded with detail, but in the end im gonna get a Surface Pro,

Just which one?


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Hi All,

I purchased a Surface Pro 2 i5 8Gb 256Gb $1367 - Lot number 1416

This resulted in having the 4300u processor and pretty much a Surface pro 3.

Just missing res, screen size, stand, thermal and instant go, definitely not missing weight though :) but the unit is 260g lighter than the ep121.

Happy as with this, was nervous for the first hour during firmware updates,

But all in all this is an awesome unit. the desktop tasks that would normally throttle an ASUS EP121 are non existent.


Now just to pick up a Skin to protect it from those scratches :P and a type cover (they had none in stock!)

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