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Xbox Zone Issues


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Hi everyone,

I hope very much I don't get in trouble for this here. My Microsoft account and SP2 were set up from day one with US address details. I am in Canada and I do this to enjoy US content. Canadian content is frankly dismal in comparison.


All worked well for a while until yesterday when I went to make a purchase and was told my profile and region aren't matching and I'd have to change zones in my account. So, I lost my $40 and switched to Canada and oh god!! Half the shows are not available.


Does anyone know how to get around this?. I do have a program that masks my ip and shows it as a US IP address.. Still didn't work.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Sounds like the program you used to mask your IP address didn't work.  Were you using that program the entire time or did you try it only after you started having issues?

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