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Just curious to know if anyone has tried the Steam virtual controller yet.  There is a touch screen overlay for any Steam game available. It would make your SP3 a ridiculously powered hand held gaming tablet.  I use my Surface for a lot of gaming, but I use a wireless controller.  I don't always take it with me so it'd be nice if this touch screen controller would work.  It wouldn't be worth the $15 if it doesnt work properly, but if it did work...

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Great in theory but really touch screen gaming is just plain horrible in general. You may find this interesting http://www.patentlymobile.com/patent-bolt/2014/07/microsoft-invents-the-splittable-clippable-gaming-controller-for-future-surface-tablets-and-beyond.html don't hold your breath for it to come to market mind.  This guy on youtube actually modded his SP2 :-) 

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I'm not a huge fan of touch screen controls either.  It just beats carrying around a controller if I'm just out for a bit.  I think it would also be awesome if I could be playing a game that Apple fans are dying to come out as an app, but can't handle.  Like Final Fantasy 7.  I love sticking to all the people I know with iPads when they can't download an app!

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It's actually a great portable gaming device.  I use it for a lot of games via Steam.  I use it with an Xbox controller now and have never needed a 'pad fan' before.  The question was more looking out for someone who's actually tried it and uses their SP3 for games.  Which a lot of people do.

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It's actually a great portable gaming device.  I use it for a lot of games via Steam.  I use it with an Xbox controller now and have never needed a 'pad fan' before.  The question was more looking out for someone who's actually tried it and uses their SP3 for games.  Which a lot of people do.


How are things looking after having it for over 10 days now Tcdotcom? You have the same heat issues and such that others are complaining about? You seem to be using the device as for what I would be using it for, some mobile gaming and some minor art work. Maybe some Netflix watching.

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most of the games Ive played on the sp2 are aimed more to mouse-keyboard, like bf2- half life 2- silent hunter 3- skyrim but you can plug in an xbox 360 controller easily

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Agree with those that say it makes a great portable gaming device (so long as you know its limitiations and arent trying to run things on high settings at high resolution). Once I sorted the processor settings to stop turbo boost and therefor stop high temps and throttling and undervolted it a little, my frame rates have been stable.


Disagree with those that say touch screen gaming is horrible. Games that have been designed from the ground up for touchscreen control can be great. Its only games that are poorly ported to touch screen or have implemented the touch screen as an alternative to a game pad that dont play very well. Oh and FPS games, they should always be mouse and keyboard. Obvious ones like cut the rope and wheres my water for the casual player, but also games like Total War Battles on Steam are also great. Hope they port the Anomaly series as well as games like real racing 3, great little war game, horn etc. They work great as touch control games. I also hope they port the touch controls on for FTL back to windows.


Lastly xbox controller works great for games that support it. Bastion, Brothers, Final Fantasy 7, Limbo, Mark of the Ninja are just a few of the games i have on my SP2 at the moment and play with a controller as well as emulators. Not got it running with GTA vice city on steam properly yet but there is plenty of advice on line about setting your controller up for that game I've just been to lazy to sort it out.

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That modification to the surface pro in the link above is insane! I'm pretty sure I would want the controller to be detachable though.


I have recently been playing dayz SA & cs through my surface pro 2 which are mouse and keyboard based games, using the touch screen is a bad idea for these but I would be interested to see a game designed with touch screen in mind. Finally got tue drivers for the xbox one controller so must have a bash at using that.

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I've loaded up a few games on mine, just for playing around when I'm bored and seeing what the hardware can do. I've installed some classic RPGs from GOG.COM such as Might and Magic 6, Heroes 3, Gabriel Knight 2 and they are all faultless and can utilise the touch screen to the extent that it's practical to do so. To strain it a little more I also installed SIMS3.


In older games, the GPU doesn't even warm up, but when you throw something like SIMS 3 at it you can expect the fan to work a bit of overtime.


Overall, I wouldn't be buying it as a gaming device, but as a backup and casual tablet for a game or two it does the job just fine.



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