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Revisited The High Street Shops This Sunday...


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Hi all,


I revisited the High Street shops yesterday (Sunday). The last time I went in was about 7 or 8 months ago, before Christmas last year I believe; then, I saw around 10 Windows 8 products, all switched off - while the Google and Apple gear seemed to have been shown a lot more love by the staff. 


Yesterday, I was pretty shocked to say the least.


I saw about 10 Android tablets, 2 Chromebooks, 2 iOS tablets, 2 OSX laptops and 2 OSX desktops - all randomly placed around the store.


In-between them there were around 50 or 60 Windows 8 products from tablets, to desktops, 2-in-1s, laptops, Surfaces, everything you could imagine at all price points. It was quite shocking really, no matter where I looked in the store, all I could see were the Windows 8 tiles just glowing, welcoming, enticing me in.


The tech from the competitors just didn't stand out any more, the mass amount of Windows 8 gear was just completely overwhelming - those glowing tiles really are attention stealers in a store environment.


I talked to one of the staff, he said he has noticed a distinct decrease in the amount of Apple sales/interest and an increase in the Windows 8 sales/interest (no wonder really, the store is jammed with Windows 8 products). He said they even do 30 minute shows now, explaining and showing people how to use 8, the tiles, apps and desktop etc. 


There were no Windows 7 products at all - he said I would need to order online to get something with Windows 7.


I cannot help but take this as a good sign and wonder if we will see a similar sort of take-over in the smartphone shops soon.


I never really understood Android's growth until now, the realisation that if you walk in to a phone shop and see 1 or 2 iOS products, 2 or 3 Windows Phones from Nokia and then 50 devices running Android.. The chances of you walking out with an Android device are likely higher than 80%. 


My friends are all on Android.. Often paying more than iPhone prices.. When I ask "Why didn't you get an iPhone?" they reply they are too expensive haha. It is a funny world really. They perceive Apple as expensive, Android as cheap and Windows as trailing and not really requiring their attention at all. However, if they went to a phone shop and half or more of the devices ran on Windows.. Their opinions (I believe) would change instantly - they would actually bother to look at the devices.


The race to the bottom for Windows is real - but the idea this can only have a negative impact I believe is wrong. Microsoft will never have that Apple *perceived* quality in the hearts/minds of consumers.. They have to compete head to head with Android and they cannot do this with 2 or 3 devices in the phone shops. They are just far to easy to overlook and the perception of being easy to overlook is just as damning in a consumers eyes. 

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