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Thinkpad Yoga And Adobe Flash Cc


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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, and everything works fine with my pen(the pen that comes with, and a random extra pen I bought), but I just installed Adobe Flash for work, and whenever I try to draw with the brush or pencil, It immediatly makes a big diagonal line, then offsets my drawing input to the end of that line. Its something that makes it completely impossible to use. I checked all the settings, and there doesnt seem to be much for pen input. I am also using the720-4 Wacom Feel it driver, which I think is the most recent. If anyone has any solution as to what I can do to rectify this, I would greatly appreciate it!


Again, its only when I draw in Flash, it is acurate and matches up even when just using other tools in Flash, and draws just fine in Photoshop.


The pic I attached is me trying to draw a circle in the middle of the page. You can see the line, and then how it offset it, Gparted.jpg

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    • math
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      With "disable display scaling on High DPI" checked in the app properties, Flash CC 2014 is unusable on the Surface Pro 1. Attached is a screenshot, basically everything inaccessible with all windows. All content is pushed far to the right no matter how large you make the windows, it just goes further away.
      I can't find other complaints about this issue. Does anyone else even use Flash? 
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      Hello, I've spent the last few nights trying to get the stylus to work with Flash cs6. The software loads and seems to work fine until I touch the stylus to the canvas/ work space, it draws a single dot and then the cursor freezes in place. I can still select menus and other tools, after a second or two and then what ever the last tool i was using draws a streak towards the tool I'm currently selecting. No problems Photoshop etc., its just Flash.
      I've tried uninstalling the Wintab drivers and it made no difference and as far as I can tell everything is up to date.
      Any ideas? Is there an extension that would get it to work? Can I pair another stylus to the tablet and work around it that way?
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