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Wacom Companion Stylus On Surface Pro 2?


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I'm quite happy owner of ThinkPad Yoga, but since it usually sits on the same shelf as Surface Pro 2 when it comes to making art, I figured it would be the best place to ask questions about stylus replacements. I already checked the blog, I also watched handful of reviews of both Wacom Companion and Surface and from what I understand both machines use the same Feel IT technology. I would really like to get my hands on Wacom Pen for Cintiq Companion because it seems more ergonomic and has two buttons, which are really handy. I am currently using Wacom Feel pen, which feels bit too small and sometimes that second button would save the day in my case.


From what I found only notable post about possibility of using mentioned Cintiq pen I found here:


It's short, but also written by proffessional, so I'm almost certain he knows what he's saying.

I also watched video, and asked Noah Bradley about this case:

unfortunately he haven't responded.


Could anyone clarify whether I will be able to use Wacom Cintiq Companion Pen with devices like SP / TPY ? Most vendors here offer to fetch them if I'm interested in buying, but I can't find any that I could actually test for myself and check before making decision.


Best regards!

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I don't have a Companion to test, but I asked Doug Hills who owns an SP2 and is currently evaluating a Companion and he tells me it isn't compatible. I didn't think so because the Wacom device understands tilt, which other tablet pcs do not.

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An active pen is an input device that includes electronic components and allows users to write ,different company use different Digitizer technology so you may can't use wacom pen on surface pro tablet .


I Use a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Drawing Tablet With Screen . because I already have a working PC, I only need graphic tablet monitor . 
It prices in at $439 with a neat, optional adjustable stand. I just ordered one. Worth mentioning is that the resolution is 1920 x 1080, and features of 88% NTSC Color Gamput . no parallax .

the battery-free stylus has the 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity and support 60 degrees of pen tilt . Works beautifully, no lag when drawing .

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