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Hi All


First off I want to say that although I'm only a few days into owning it, I absolutely love my SP3 !

I travel a LOT for work and as a Technical Consultant I need the full range of tools at my disposal when I'm on-site with a client and the SP3 has it all.


But I've noticed a small issue with the kickstand. If it's opened from either side i.e. I use one hand to position it, it doesn't sit perfectly on the desk. There will a slight 'rock' to the unit where one side of kickstand is slightly out of position with the other side. This is just something I've noticed after coming from a SP1 which only had the single position.

Again this is a minor issue, I'm just wondering if it's a side effect of the engineering of the new kickstand or if mine is defective in some way.






Thanks in advance.





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I wonder why they didn't design the new Kickstand to hinge at the bottom of the unit instead of in the middle? This might have improved the 'lapability' by having a bigger surface (excuse the pun) area for the unit to rest on. Also people with shorter legs would have found it easier to use on their lap?


I'm no engineer - I just can't help wondering about engineering decisions that's all !



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I noticed this same issue today.  It was really bugging me, so I just took the keyboard out and set the surface on top of it, seemd to relieve the issue for me. Still sucks, though.

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I've seen this on 2 different machines - my 1st machine was replaced to try to resolve a Bluetooth issue (didn't resolve that).


It only rocks at certain angles. If it's tilted back a bit then it's steady.


Not going to discourage my really liking this machine.

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I'm having the same issue as well. Spoke to Microsoft Support, and they said this was supposed to be like this, and that you should always open your kickstand from both sides at once :huh:

Not exactly sure how easy that would be, might be easier if we all had a third hand.

They did say that if it rocks back and forth a bit, just press down on the top center with the stand open and that will realign the hinge, but once you close and re-open it, you are back to a misaligned hinge.

Either way, before I upgraded my i5 to the i7, the i5 did not have this issue at all, so I am going to go to my local MS store and exchange it. I figured for the amount of money I paid, I expect nothing less than a perfectly working piece of hardware.

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