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Alternative To Podcast Player


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Does anyone know of a good player. I want to use my data to download but will,only will use WiFi. I've tried everything. My phone is the Nokia 521 on the T-Mobile network.

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Podcast Lounge.  I downloaded 4 different players when I got the Lumia Icon and have yet to try the other 3.  It's a good experience and hopefully will improve when they can get some quick access controls in the notifications drawer.

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Copy/Paste of my reply on another thread about podcasts:


I have tried:



podcast picker


podcast lounge

podcast critter



podcast+ pro


and maybe a couple others


I have yet to find one that does everything I am used to on Android as far as playlist management and UI presentation, but I am going to try to stick with Lounge because it does most of what I need and I can conform to what it doesn't. It also seems widely used and promoted.


Good luck.



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