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Create Reliable Windows 8.1 Install Media For Your Surface Pro

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Once in a while, I write something, not expecting much. Months later, I realize the article's popularity continues to grow. Here's just such a piece, from back in Sep 2013 called:


Rufus takes 5 minutes to create a UEFI bootable USB 3.0 flash drive for Windows 8.1 installation



Visitor davepermen was reading an article about using Rufus to create a bootable ESXi USB drive, for installation to itself. He apparently also owns a Surface Pro, decided to give Rufus a go, and found success, then typed up this comment.


Free software, no adware, no catch. Just a simple and effective and fast utility I thought I'd share. Especiallyl given there seems to be less and less of it for Windows these days.

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i would prefer http://www.wintobootic.com/ WiNToBootic  it's pretty much the same, but with rufus i had some issues with some windows versions and different usb sticks. With WINToBootic it worked every time flawless and it is so easy to use that you don't need any guidance.

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