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Surface 2 Side Speakers.


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One of the guys on the Surface Geeks Podcast said they said they made some kind of adjustment to project the sound forward. Does anyone remember what that was? I could tape something on it but I would rather not do that. Any ideas?

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nothing really helps. You might want to invest in a Bluetooth speaker. I have both a Surface RT and a Nokia 2520. The sound difference is night and day better with the forward firing speakers of the Nokia.

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Well you could always just upgrade to the Surface Pro 3 and get front facing speakers that are 40-50% louder?  I mean, we all have a couple 13, 14, $1500 laying around...right?  Of course I am joking; I wish I had $1500 laying around for the SP3.

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The SP3 is phenomenally better in sound.  The front facing speakers are very nice.  The plastic ears for SP2 are a joke.  I would rather use earbuds!

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It appears the kick starter is over so I messaged the developer to see if it was for sale. I'm pinching pennies for a pro 3

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    • ChrisB1488993274
      By ChrisB1488993274
      You'd have thought I'd have learned by now - having already been bitten by the 'oh, you've got a WP7 device - no, you can't have WP8' debacle.
      And whilst I understood the rationale behind this decision at the time, it still made me feel very unimportant to Microsoft (I'd only moved over to Windows Phone a few months prior to the big announcement for WP8).
      And now it seems like history is about to repeat itself, more or less. OK, the devices in question are a bit older now, but I don't get Microsoft's decision this time around.
      Why offer Surface RT / 2 owners an update which will have 'some of the functionality' of Windows 10 only?
      It feels like Microsoft are completely embarrassed by the whole Win RT issue. Whilst it didn't turn out all that well for them, the Surface RT / 2 remain, in my opinion, 2 of the best tablets out there. So we can't install desktop applications - big deal - the Surface RT, with the inbuilt Office Applications, does everything I need it to and more besides.
      If Microsoft really want to kill Win RT once and for all, give RT device owners the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 fully - with or without desktop functionality. I would be more than happy to upgrade to the 'mobile' version of Windows 10 - the desktop in RT is basically unnecessary anyhow - as long as there are Office Apps, I couldn't care less whether I need to go to the desktop or not to open them.
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      Hi,  now that I have a surface 2 and it is the only computer in the home I was daydreaming about connecting it to a HDMI monitor. 
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      Hi all,
      I am unable to pair my Surface 2 and my Nokia MD-12 portable speaker via Bluetooth 
      The MD-12 is not found by the Surface.
      It works fine on my Nokia Lumia 830 (I had to use NFC the 1st time though)
      I read that article
      but my MD-12 is simply not found by the Surface 2...
      Has anyone succeeded pairing Surface 2 and MD-12 ?
      What are the steps ?
      Thanks for your help.
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