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A lot of the Windows focused podcasts I've been listening to have all been talking about touch office. Ipad has it, android is getting it soon, Windows gets it eventually. It seems that everyone is dying for this to come out. I've not used it myself on my girlfriends ipad because I see no point to it. For both work and as a grad student I use Word pretty extensively, but I can't imagine a scenario or use case that this touch-optimized version makes any sense. I've even watched numerous YouTube videos showing people only capable of working at 1/10 the speed as a keyboard and mouse or keyboard and trackpad user would. Can someone help me understand why this is anything beyond the cool factor of touch only? (Serious question, not trying to be an ass)

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I wish I could explain it. I would never use a touch first version for any real productivity. I have Office 365 so I have the IOS version on my IPad as well and I never use it other than for a quick edit. I think there are two reasons people are hot on this topic A) MS is pushing touch computing so they better have a premiere touch experience to support that initiative B.) It is the 'serve your loyal fanbase first' mentality. People (loyalists) feel that they should be rewarded for their loyalty, pain, and defense of the platform but to them they see it as a slap in the face that MS is chasing marketshare, even if it is the correct business decision.


I totally understand the logic behind point A but I really think people need to relax on point B. There are probably many reasons touch office for Windows has been delayed. Honestly it is possible that Mary Jo Foley was correct in saying that it might be done but that they are waiting to launch it with the next version of Windows in 2015 since the W8 brand is tarnished,

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The reality is that if a person chooses to use MS Office on iOS, Android or even on the Mac, over all the other choices, that person, too, is a Microsoft customer. I prefer not to use fanbase or even loyalist because from Microsoft's point of view, anyone using their products--regardless of what platform--is a customer. And that is all that matters.

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