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Movies On Sp 2


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Good morning,

I tried renting a movie on my SP2. However, my account (Hotmail) is set up with a USA address (cant recall why I did this 20 years ago).  However, I am a Canadian and therefore I am unable to plug in my Visa# for purchases.  I did notice there is what seems to be a gift card option "a la itunes card".   Does anyone know where I may buy these cards ?


I'm in Montreal and the border with USA is 45 minutes away.. So if I have to drive over and stock up I shall.. I am just not sure where to get them or what they are called.



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You can purchase the XBOX/WINDOWS Store Gift Cards at Best Buy, and Amazon for sure in different values.   I believe the Windows Store Gift Card can be used for Xbox Apps as well but you would want to double check that.  I purchased the Windows Store GC for my brother for XMAS and I am almost certain that he bought both apps and media content with it.   

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