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HP MediaSmart Server VGA/PS2/Serial Debug Board

Mr Bill

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Good day,


I am looking at purchasing one of the HP MediaSmart Server VGA/PS2/Serial Debug Board from http://www.mediasmartserver.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8066&start=0 .


One question that I have is what is the serial port used for?


Do I need the PS2 connections, or can I just plug in a USB mouse and USB keyboard?



Thanks for your time and input.



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From the FAQ on the link you provided:


Q: Which debug board should I get?

A: I make no assumptions about your needs because everyone's needs are different. The VGA assembly is perfect for basic troubleshooting (like diagnosing boot-up problems or BIOS tweaking). The VGA + PS2 Keyboard + PS2 Mouse assembly is recommended for BIOS flashing and other more advanced things. The complete set (VGA + PS2 Keyboard + PS2 Mouse + Serial) assembly is perfect for the kernel developer who wants to hack at the lower-level hardware, or perhaps the enthusiast who wishes to connect a RS232 weather station to their HP MediaSmart Server.



Seems to me they offer different options, in increasing level. For most people, I think that just the VGA would fill the need, but it all depends on what you want to do with your MediaSmartServer.

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It seems to me you will want to go and read through the forums concerning that additional board. I believe you need the PS/2 keyboard port because a USB keyboard will not be available if you are in the BIOS. I know Diehard built one of his own.

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When I build the cable for my EX470, I could make changes in the BIOS with a USB keyboard, but I needed the PS2 keyboard to make changes in the BIOS on my EX490. So it depends on which box you have. Also I had to make a change to the cable. I believe that the guys on mediaSmartServer.net had to make a change to. So check that you buy the right cable. Chance are you do not need the RS232 that's for some really deep stuff that I do not see any work being done on.

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I ordered the unit that only had a VGA connector and no PS2 connectors.

With the unit installed, video works as stated.

As far as the jumper goes, when I install the jumper it boots up into the refresh mode with the listener running. So, without the PS2, I am unable to get into the bios. After the EX485 is booted up though, the USB mouse and keyboard do work.



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What did you want to end up doing with your VGa cable ? What model MediaSmart Server do you have ?


This is what my cable ended up looking like http://i1038.photobu...10/DSCN1893.jpg


Good day John, Thanks for the input.


With the adaptor cable I was looking at doing some troubleshooting on my EX485. The EX485 was not coming up to a point that I could RDP into it. With the adaptor cable I was able to see that it was stuck going thru a check disk on boot up.

This is the unit that I got from a source over at MediaSmartServer.net


This is the cable that I purchased MediaSmartServer.net/.......link


I am pleased with what the unit does. I am only disappointed that I was not aware that I had to have the PS2 option to get into the bios and that a USB mouse and keyboard would not be adequate to get into the bios.


The EX485 is in the rebuild phase at this time. I have been able to transfer the majority of the data from it to my new EX490.


Life is well and the wife acceptance factor is back up to where I like it.



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