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New Surface Pro 1 From Amazon Can't Get Updates To Install. Anyone Else Been There?

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Hello fellow surface artists,


I just purchased a new surface pro 1. (yes I know, shoulda waited for the SP3 in 3 weeks, or at least got a SP2 that already has 8.1)


So when I first set my device up I see that I have something like 96 updates that need to download and install before I can get the 8.1 update. My surface will download these updates just fine and then it will prompt me to restart so it can install and configure the updates.


When it restarts it will install the updates and then it begins to configure the updates and it goes to 100% just fine but when it reaches 100% of the configuration step it gives me an error that says "configuration failed reverting back to previous configuration", or something very similar to that.

(It basically puts me back to square one, me needing 96 updates.)


I know this isn't a tech-support forum, but I had to ask if anyone has been through this? I have been all over the net to no avail. Even the nice folks at Microsoft customer support are scratching their heads. So, I thought I would check with my new favorite community of people  so I can get updated and on to learning how to Photoshop.


Thanks in advance!

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Are you logged in with your Microsoft account or a local?

Check to be sure the date, time and location are set properly.

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