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Sms App Recommendation


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Here is what I am running:

Surface Pro 2 256

Windows 8.1 Update 1

Lumina 920 from AT&T


Here is what I am looking for:


SMS application for my Surface Pro.  I am finding a lot of contacts prefer SMS as a contact method.  I spend a lot of time on my Surface. I would love to be able to contact them from the surface, and get responses from my surface.  Anyone have any thoughts / recommendations?



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    • Dave
      By Dave
      RESET Forums now has an Android app on the Google Play Store.  I don't see it via search since it just hit but I have a hard link to it.
      You can install it from there.  If you are a TapaTalk user it will look familiar with one caveat. You login with your RESET Forums credentials, not your tapatalk creds.  Once logged in you will notice more options for your interaction, notification, etc.
      I hope you enjoy this app. iOS is coming soon.

    • mplovan
      By mplovan
      A pleasant surprise today.
      Evernote updated and allows Rich Text Formatting. No check list but it's a start.
    • Dave
      By Dave
      On Surface Geeks Podcast 34 I put out a challenge for you guys to sound off on what Twitter app you use and I listed a few requirements for the perfect Twitter app. In my opinion of course.  It's such a subjective question and answer on what is perfect.  My perfect app may not be physically possible.  It's a wish list though.
      LIst the apps that you use, tried to use, etc, then give me some features you would like to see in your "perfect" Twitter app for WP8.
      Twitter’s App
      People Hub

      My Wish List
      Timeline Options         
                 Double Tap to top
                 Where to start timeline when you open app. Latest tweet, where last left off.
                 I need the @ and # sign on screen somehow. No hitting shift!
                 Start autofill after hitting the @ button
                 Always give option to quote.
      What happens when you tap the tweet?
      Easily view the "conversation."
      Easy way to view a link.
      In Line Photos, especially Instagram and SkyDrive.
      Ability to zoom photo
      Lock Screen Info
      Handle Multiple Accounts easily
      Bonus Points
                 Sync with a desktop/RT client!
                 Send link to tweet via share options
                 Send a link that is in the tweet to share options, Pocket, etc.
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