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Firefox Bug Touch Not Working


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Everyday, I want to love my new surface pro 2, and everyday I have q new problem that makes me cry of why I didn't bought an apple macbook air. Like I never had brand new problems everyday.


first the artdock, I cant managed to make it run check the posts of it that i already posted.



So now is freaking mozilla firefox. everything was ok, just suddenly my touch stop working. I can type with the keyboard on screen but whenever I tried to click back or something my touch is not detected, So i need to use the freaking stylus for all! even the scroll that is a pain seems iy waw faster with my finger and now I need to calculated the bar to put on my cursor and scroll!


aaaaahhhh! and again nothing on the web about this error or i dont know how to google it.


it started yesterday at night, after i was trying to install the horrid artdock...so im not sure if thst program, hotkey did something to spoil my firefox. Even yesterday my touch didn't work in my task bar, just the stencil. (and not, i never managed to have the artdock shortcuts in screen so i couldnt have disable my touch)

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