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hi again!


i wonder if service pack 2 for mdbx 2014 is the equal for 2014.5?


i downloaded it even before install it, but again the nasty stupid error about the graphics.


i redownloaded after install it, the same error... restarted the sp2, nothing.


what did i miss? instructions said not to uninstall it!



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    • Truxi
      By Truxi
      Hi there, newbie here.  Just got myself a Surface Pro 2, and I'm looking to put some software on it.  I bought a copy of Manga Studio Ex 4.0 awhile back, but it's on disk.  Is there a way for me to install it?  Preferably without having to buy another piece of hardware?
      I tried putting the disc contents on a jump drive, and that seemed to work, but after I put in my serial number, it told me it couldn't do things until I put the disc in.
    • Matt
      By Matt
      I've been really interested in the Surface Pro 2 to be used as an art tool. Most of my work is digital these days, and my current setup is great, but the convenience of the Surface Pro 2 is really appealing to me. With a Surface Pro 2, I don't have to be tied to my desktop to get work done. The screen is large enough for me to not feel too crammed (like my Note 3), and portable enough for it not to feel cumbersome when carrying it around. Plus the very important fact that weather I'm docked in at my desk with a Cintiq, or on the road with just the surface, all my work is in one location, using the same operating system, the same applications, and stored in the same locations. I don't have to think about converting things from one device to another and transferring files from one platform to another. It's a very attractive option.
      I'm currently working with a Wacom Cintiq 24HD, paired with a 15" Macbook Pro that has a Core i7 (4 core) and 16GB RAM. It's got all the power I need to work on large canvases.
      I usually work in Sketchbook Pro with canvas sizes of 20" x 20" at 300dpi or more, and with several layers (4 or more). I know this maybe an overkill size for some, but I like to future-proof my work for large prints.
      I'm fairly comfortable with making a switch to Windows, my main concern would be whether or not the Surface Pro 2 has the guts to handle my needs.
      Has anyone here experimented with how large of a canvas you can work with comfortably, and with how many layers?
      Thanks for any advice.
    • TheWelshMaggot
      By TheWelshMaggot
      I am new to tablets, always had desktops and laptops so never had any experience with scaling. I have my res on my new surface pro set to recommended but I still get an error as you see below.

      I have worked out how to turn the scaling off for some programs but the settings for some things don't fully fit on the screen. I have set my task-bar to auto hide to help this but with some programs I cannot see certain parts, and in some settings I cannot see the apply, cancel and OK row. I have taken some screenshots to show what I mean.

      This is with the taskbar auto hidden or I would not be able to click without shift guessing.

      This is a little irritating and I am looking for a work around or am I being stupid and missing something really simple?

      I have been searching google and the forums but not really finding anything.

      Any help/tips appreciated.
    • sosnow
      By sosnow
      My company wanted to try out the SP in our business environment so I volunteered.  I have been using a SP fro about 2 months and really love the device. My company has now decided to make a bigger commitment and is rolling out SP2s.
      My question is how do I transfer my apps and contents to my new device.  I understand the contents on SkyDrive will not be an issue, but what about the contents installed on the local device.
      Thanks in advance
    • PRSmith
      By PRSmith
      I bought a Surface Pro 2 in Europe with the Touch Cover 2. The Touch Cover 2 has the EU QWERTZ layout versus the North American QWERTY keyboard. That I could live with BUT the SP@ doesn't recognize the QWEERTZ layout an a bunch of keys don't work correctly. I chatted with MS Support and their answers was the TC2 must be broken. Not likely in my mind, must be a setting somewhere - HELP
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