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Largest Canvas Size On Surface Pro 2


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I've been really interested in the Surface Pro 2 to be used as an art tool. Most of my work is digital these days, and my current setup is great, but the convenience of the Surface Pro 2 is really appealing to me. With a Surface Pro 2, I don't have to be tied to my desktop to get work done. The screen is large enough for me to not feel too crammed (like my Note 3), and portable enough for it not to feel cumbersome when carrying it around. Plus the very important fact that weather I'm docked in at my desk with a Cintiq, or on the road with just the surface, all my work is in one location, using the same operating system, the same applications, and stored in the same locations. I don't have to think about converting things from one device to another and transferring files from one platform to another. It's a very attractive option.


I'm currently working with a Wacom Cintiq 24HD, paired with a 15" Macbook Pro that has a Core i7 (4 core) and 16GB RAM. It's got all the power I need to work on large canvases.


I usually work in Sketchbook Pro with canvas sizes of 20" x 20" at 300dpi or more, and with several layers (4 or more). I know this maybe an overkill size for some, but I like to future-proof my work for large prints.


I'm fairly comfortable with making a switch to Windows, my main concern would be whether or not the Surface Pro 2 has the guts to handle my needs.


Has anyone here experimented with how large of a canvas you can work with comfortably, and with how many layers?


Thanks for any advice.

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Hi Matt, the largest canvases I've played with are 11x17 at 600 dpi in Manga Studio. I haven't tested such high resolutions with Sketchbook Pro. Performance starts to get sluggish when you add a lot of layers due to RAM constraints. I can't compare directly with a MacBook Pro, but 16GB and a Core i7 should be noticeably faster than the Surface Pro 2 with 8 GB and a Core i5.

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      Thought you guys might appreciate my Surface Pro 2 desk layout. Anyone who says that a Surface Pro 2 can't replace a desktop, hasn't seen my setup:

      The Surface Pro 2 is on the bottom left - plus there's a Surface 2 in the middle, and a iPad 2 on the right.
      Here's the monitor layout from the Surface Pro 2:

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      - Displayport - Dell U2913WM, 29" wide: 2560 x 1080
      - Daisychained Displayport - Dell U2713HM: 2560 x 1440
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      https://twitter.com/Tatious/status/450896948745105408 for reference.. and don't even get me started on using any shade of black.
      Have you all encountered this? What was your fix?
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