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What Remote Service For App Development? How?


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I'm trying to figure out whether, where and how I can acquire the below service. First thoughts that came to mind were through AWS or VMWare Horizon VDI, both of which sound like they offer this, but OMG how complicated and dense are the write ups! Here's what I want:


1. My primary local computers are an HP 14 Chromebook and a Microsoft Surface 2 (RT machine). (While neither handles software installs, the Surface App Store does have a VMWare Horizon View client - with no Help info.). So, it seems I'm limited to reveling in a Web UI, which is consistent with my policy of being 100% cloud-based.


2. I'm looking for a virtual remote desktop provider that can serve up a Web UI of a Windows session for development, test & implementing purposes. I have a particular app in mind, for my use only, that I want to be able to create and access, in the remote Win environment, from any platform.


3. The remote service should be able to provide a single user instance of Visual Basic or Eclipse, MySQL or MS Access. And should be able to upload/download files from either my Chromebook and/or Surface 2, including USB attached storage. And finally should allow sharing with OneDrive, DropBox and Box cloud accounts.


It seems to me that either Amazon or VMWare's Horizon services SHOULD be able to provide this, but I'm Scroogled to figure out how. Their web site docs are a Chinese puzzle!


Or are there other providers?

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Have you considered RemoteApp? This is available either for Windows Server 2012, or (in Beta) through Azure.


Here is a pretty good read on how to set it up for use with RT. It's a bit of a fudge in some respects, but might be a better idea than other options:













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