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Does Surface Pro 2 Have Line Or Mic Input?


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Does Surface Pro 2 have line or mic input?


On the specs page it says "Ports: Headphone jack" and I can only see one 3.5" jack on the pictures. Is it just headphone out, or does it have line/mic input (TRS or TRRS)?

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Thanks! Btw., you linked to the same answer twice accidentally.


So, it has phone-style TRRS socket with an extra pin for mic. I guess I'll need a TRRS headset + microphone adapter to be able to connect a separate mic to it.


I have assumed that whenever there's mic input, there's line input, and I think is generally true for desktop computers, but not necessarily so for laptops: I can connect a mic to the red port of my ThinkPad X200 just fine, but I can't connect an input of the studio mixer. I was told that's because the developers choose to save a few cents on parts or something. Do you by chance know if there's line-in functionality as well in the Surface Pro 2?

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