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My 2 Cents On Toshiba Encore Vs Dell Venue 8 Pro


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First, thanks for all the coverage and reviews Surface Geeks has provided on 8 inch tablets: thorough, unbiased and spot on.  In fact it was pre-holiday searching for reviews on the Dell that first introduced me to SG last November.


Flash fwd 6 months and our family owns both a Dell Venue 8 Pro (Xmas gift for my son) and now a Toshiba Encore 8 that we will (primarily) use in our media cabinet for streaming, which I discussed in a separate post.


For what it's worth, here's my 2 cents to add to or underscore what's already been covered by SG:


Size Comparison:  Advantage Dell

- The Encore is larger in both length and width it is also thicker and heavier.  Basically, the Dell could fit inside the silver bezel/casing of the Encore.  This makes the Dell much easier to hold and the Encore's silver bezel edge is sharper, making the Dell more comfortable in the hand .


Ports:  Advantage Encore

- Already been covered numerous times but having the micro HDMI port is a nice addition to the Encore if you are going to connect to external monitor/TV regularly.  For our primary usage as a home streaming stereo component I also like that both the USB (power) and headphone jack are located on the end of the device.  I also liked that the included USB cable has a 90degree connector.


Also, and this is probably totally subjective, but can't help feeling the Encore screen shows smudges more than the Dell.  Wondering if there is something you could wipe on the Encore screen to help reduce this??


Bottom line is, as Dave mentioned in previous coverage, at ~$200 the first gen 8" tablets are going for right now, it blows me away that you can get full Windows, plus a touch screen for such a screaming price.

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